All you need—
Air-dry clay, paint, soil, and tiny plants
Sculpting tools are optional, you can use your hands.

planter 1

Step 1
You can take some air-dry clay and mould it into a form that suits you. 

To make a planter shape and took some clay and flattened it into a sheet, and joined the two ends to make it into a hollow cylinder. Then to shape it into a bucket, I added a circular sheet on one end. You can use some water to wet the clay to remove creases.

You can leave them overnight near some ventilation like an air-duct for it to solidify.

planter 2

Step 2

Paint! :)

planter 3
planter 4

Step 3

You can add potting soil and some tiny succulents of choice.

Tip— To propagate succulents, take a bowl of water and cover the top with saran wrap. Poke some holes in the saran wrap and take your succulent leaf and rest it in the hole. Leave bowl near a window and you should have propagated a succulent in a week or two.

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